Students: Apply for the AAJA Sacramento 2011 Scholarship

AAJA Sacramento is offering up to $2,500 in scholarships for students who are enrolled in a college or university within the chapter’s membership area or have a permanent address within those boundaries. To apply, download the PDF form and follow the printed instructions. Application materials must be received by June 1.

AAJA Scholarship application form (PDF)

2 AAJA internships open to college students

AAJA has two internships open to local college students and AAJA student members. Apply today!

1) The Associated Press Internship: This internship will be a twelve-week, individually-tailored training program for students who are aspiring print, photo, graphics and multimedia journalists. Deadline is October 11, 2010

2) The Sports Journalism Institute Internship: This opportunity is a nine-week training and internship program for college students interested in sports journalism careers. Deadline is November 8, 2010

For details and application, apply here:

Matt Kawahara awarded the AAJA/Sacramento Bee Internship

AAJA Sacramento is proud to announce the winner of the first AAJA internship award in partner with The Sacramento Bee: Sacramento native and UC Berkeley student Matt Kawahara.
Matt edged out a field of well-qualified finalists with his passion for reporting. Matt will begin his 12-week internship at The Bee on June 1.
Congratulations and good luck!

Apply for the AAJA & Sacramento Bee internship

In partnership with The Sacramento Bee, AAJA Sacramento is sponsoring a 12-week, internship program for aspiring print, photo, graphics and multimedia journalists. A stipend of $570 a week will be provided by AAJA Sacramento. The program begins in May or June 2010, depending on the intern’s availability.

To be considered, applicants must be enrolled in a college or university within the chapter’s membership area* OR have permanent addresses within those boundaries. Recent graduates who completed their studies in 2009 are also eligible to apply. All applicants must be student members of AAJA Sacramento. (Visit to become a member.)

AAJA Sacramento will evaluate the initial pool of applicants and nominate two candidates for The Bee’s consideration. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for other internships at The Bee.

The internship recipient will be announced April 1, 2010. Deadline for applications is March 19, 2010.

In addition to the internship application form, the following is required:

  • A resume and cover letter.
  • A 300-word essay on why diversity still matters in America’s newsrooms. Your essay should also mention the qualities and accomplishments you would bring to The Bee and a career in journalism.
  • Five to seven writing clips or CDs of multimedia work.
  • Two letters of reference, at least one from a professor or faculty adviser on school letterhead.

The application form is available here.