Over the years, AAJA Sacramento has been fortunate to be led by dedicated leaders who have worked hard to advance our mission of diversity and inclusion.

AAJA Sacramento was founded in 1985, the fourth chapter to join what is now an organization of more than 1,600 members in 20 chapters across the United States and Asia.

AAJA Sacramento has been recognized with several national AAJA awards, including Chapter of the Year in 2006 and 2010; Sandy Louey named Chapter President of the Year in 2013; and Pamela Wu selected as Member of the Year in 2015.

Chapter history

First project
Using the media cover.

A media guide first written and edited by Bill Sing with the Los Angeles Times and Karen Lee in 1982 was revised for the Sacramento area by members of AAJA Sacramento and the California Chicano News Media Association. The new guide was printed by The Sacramento Bee.

Original board and chapter members
Original board and chapter members

From left to right: Janice Torres, Sandra Gin, unidentified, board member Edd Fong, board member Corrine Fat, Bob Nishizaki, Sharon Ito, board member Lonnie Wong, chapter president Judy Tachibana, Tony Acosta, Barbara Takei, and board member Sydney Kohara.

How it all began
A photo from the first meeting of AAJA Sacramento.

The first AAJA Sacramento gathering was an informal meeting at Sacramento Bee reporter Judy Tachibana’s home.